About Us

We are a Saudi crowdlending platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in their purchase financing needs while following Islamic Sharia principles. SAMA license number 75/AC/2023.

Our Vision

At THEMAR, our vision is to support SMEs. We do this by connecting them with investors who can provide digital financing for their purchases through our platform in an efficient and secure ways.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist buyers who need financing for their SME purchases. We connect them with investors who want to diversify their investment portfolios while helping SMEs grow. This contributes to the local economy's prosperity.

At THEMAR, we prioritize user-friendliness and security in our financial and digital services. We take your data protection seriously and closely monitor money transfers.

Our Beginning

THEMAR was founded by a group of business owners with extensive experience in global banks and companies. They've spent over a decade working with SMEs and understanding their challenges.

Our founders bring expertise in banking, law, digital development, and marketing.

We aim to solve the financial challenges that SMEs face in today's tough business environment. SMEs often struggle to find the funds they need to grow their businesses. By financing their purchases and offering investment options with attractive returns, we help SMEs and investors thrive.

THEMAR Reports

Why it Matters

Supporting SMEs not only benefits them but also drives market growth and fosters financial transactions between sellers and buyers while providing high returns to investors.

With over a million SMEs in the market, obtaining financing could be a challenge.

THEMAR contributes to Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 by supporting the local economy, creating jobs, and reducing unemployment rates in the kingdom.