Purchase Financing

THEMAR platform fuels the local Saudi economy by assisting small and micro-enterprises in financing their purchases in compliance with Islamic law

At THEMAR, we bridge the gap between businesses and investors to finance their purchases. This enables business owners to achieve their project goals without worrying about cash flow issues. We list investment projects on our platform and gather multiple investors to support these businesses

Our dedicated team prioritizes professional and secure services for enterprise owners. We focus on safeguarding the data of both owners and investors while helping investors diversify their portfolios. Additionally, we assist entrepreneurs in revitalizing their businesses, offering the option of repaying debt in manageable installments.

  • We always double-check every step of financial transfers to make sure they're accurate and carefully monitored. This way, we can guarantee that your money moves smoothly and safely.

  • We also give you the choice: you can either transfer your earnings back to your bank account or keep supporting exciting investment projects with your profits.